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Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare for the Wairarapa

Our dog daycare is All About fun for your dog & peace of mind for you

“ We do things waaaay different around here! ”

Our specialised approach to doggie daycare

We keep things small

Unlike typical warehouse-style dog daycares, we keep our numbers very small. We like to really get to know each dog so we can customize the perfect day for every dog guest.

Run by a certified dog trainer

This huge advantage keeps our daycare running safely and smoothly, providing you with extra peace of mind. Plus you know your dog is always practicing her best behaviour.

Lots of basic manners practice

We sprinkle basic manners throughout the day, learning sit to say please or hello, polite door manners, and alternatives to barking. This creates a safe, calm environment for lots of fun.

Itinerary-based programme

All-day play has been shown to cause stress, conflicts, and behaviour issues. So we balance small group play with naptime, chewtime, and one-on-one play and cuddles with staff.

Customised to your dog

Every dog is different. Some are high energy, some are low. Some are super social and others easily overwhelmed. We make sure your dog’s day is just right for her, every day.

Clean & tidy

With lots of outdoor space, our guests learn to potty outside, where we quickly clean up all deposits. This, and our small numbers, helps us avoid the typical dog daycare stinkies.

“ I’m on the high energy side myself. Daycare really helps chill me out! ”

What you can expect:

1. Your dog will have a great day

That’s our job—to show your dog a wonderful time.

2. You’ll have an easy evening

If you currently live with a dog who bounces off walls, you’ll love the behaviour change that good exercise and mental stimulation can bring.

Imagine how much easier it is to live with a dog who’s as tired at the end of the day as you are!

How our dog daycare service works:

STEP 1: Free Meet & Greet

Daycare, even our small, boutique approach, isn’t right for all dogs. We want to make sure your dog truly enjoys his time with us, so we’ll start with a free Meet & Greet to get to know him and make sure we’re a great fit.

STEP 2: Choose & book your dog’s play level

Your dog can spend a full day with us or just join us for half.

Full Day of Dog Daycare: $25
Half Day of Dog Daycare: $15

STEP 3: Drop your dog off to play, then enjoy your day

Focus at work or play, knowing your dog is in loving, professional hands and having a great time.

STEP 4: Enjoy a calmer, easier dog in the evening

Your dog should be pretty pooped by the time he gets home, and ready to relax, so you’re probably off the hook for that evening walk at the end of your long day!

PLEASE NOTE: To play with us, your dog must be:

  • Microchipped with up-to-date contact information
  • Council registered
  • De-sexed
  • Wearing a flat collar with tags displaying current contact info
  • Up-to-date with flea and worm treatment
  • Current on their DHP and infectious canine cough vaccination (Please bring records to your Meet & Greet)

Our boutique-style daycare means limited spaces, so bookings are essential.

Ready for better days for you and your dog?

Schedule your free Meet & Greet today!

020 4163 4035

Meet our owner/trainer, April Williams

You’re going to love this!

Most people think dog daycare is great for the dogs, and it is. But what people often don’t realize—until they try it—is how great doggie daycare is for dog parents, too! Our daycare clients often tell us what an incredible difference regularly sending their dogs to daycare makes on their dogs’ behaviour. They talk about how nice it is to live with a calmer dog, and to be free of the guilt of leaving their dog home alone all day. You’ll most notice the difference in the evenings of your daycare days, when we’ve sent your dog home tired and happy. She’ll be as ready as you are to chill out after a long day of fun with us!

Learn more about April and her professional credentials.

April Williams and her dog Archie

A message from our mascot, Wallie

Why Dogs Love Daycare & You Should, Too

A poem by Wallie

Wallie, the mascot of All About the Hound

Dogs love daycare because we love to play
in the morning and throughout the day.

I suppose there’s no real surprise there,
as we have nary a worldly care.

But daycare is great for our people, too,
for more reasons than just one or two.

There’s no need to feel guilty at work all day,
when you know your dog is hard at play.

Neighbors complaining about noise pollution?
Dog daycare is the perfect solution.

And if your dog is afraid to be left alone,
dog daycare is the perfect bone.

So if your dog could use some fun,
Don’t walk to daycare—run!

Don't just take our word for it!

  • April does an amazing job with our Husky! She is very professional & always does 110%. We recommend her to anyone!!! See you next fur appointment!Shay Thomas

  • April did a great job on my Maltese/Shih Tzu, Jemma! She went in looking like a hairy Yeti and came out looking like a beautiful princess. Well done April. You are an excellent dog groomer!Amanda Olsen

  • Thanks April for getting us on the right track with training, I have a very tired superstar Teddy who walked loose lead and sat quietly in a cafe today.Joanna Kemp

  • Sheba is looking very clean and fluffy after her appointment with April today. She is now looking forward to her play date with April and friends next week. Highly recommend!Julie Morris

  • April is lovely, has a great personality and is very professional. Thanks for all your help with Bailey. Kerry Potts

  • Thank-you April, you did such a great haircut on my dogs. They look fantastic. Penne-ann Huston

  • Thank you April for taking such great care of my deaf old Airedale, Charlie. He was in such a knotted state but you got him looking wonderful! Great breed clip. We will be regulars now. Thank you :)Jannine Yost

  • April offers such an exceptional service; she is friendly and attentive and is good at what she does!Lovena ByMe

  • Thanks April for grooming Becca with such care. We will be back next time for sure and will certainly recommend you for growing in the area.Aziza Young

  • Very happy with Charlie's makeover. Much quicker than where I usually take him. Thanks April, will definitely be back :-)Kristine Mickelssen

  • Benji has been to AllAbouttheHound for a bath and tidy. He came home smelling very tropical and sporting a very full and fluffy look. I was very pleased and will definitely be going back. I thought the service was great.Octavian Filimon

  • Our precious Max has had his second groom at AllAbouttheHound and what a fantastic job April has done. With a professional set up and equipment, I could trust a great job would be done and I wasn't wrong. Max looks super cute and we will definitely be returning customers.Patricia Acampora

  • April was very caring & loving towards my baby dog. Fantastic work with the grooming!!Vicky Madytianos