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Private Dog Training

Private Puppy & Dog Training for the Wairarapa

Our private dog training services are All About convenience & relief

“ That means results, as easily as we can get them for you! ”

How we help:

Coaching: We teach you to train your dog

If you’re interested and have the time, our certified dog trainer will teach you the training ropes and guide you through a training plan customised to your goals.

All positive training

Either way, we use only science-based positive-reinforcement training for results you can feel truly good about.

What we help with:

  • Puppy training for those too busy for group class
  • Basic dog manners like sit, down, and stay
  • Recall training for a dog who comes when called
  • Loose lead walking for an end to leash pulling
  • Stopping nuisance behaviours like barking, digging, chewing
  • Ending jumping on family members and visitors
  • Helping dogs with separation anxiety, or fear of being left alone

“ Hey! April can help you with those problem behaviours! Why not give her a call?”

Private training details:

STEP 1: Initial Consult

All training begins with an initial consult to assess your dog, set your training goals, and provide immediate management relief.


STEP 2: Your Customised Training Programme

April, our trainer, will create a training programme specific to your training goals, your dog, and your schedule needs. 

$120 per one hour training session. Please ask about our customised packages available at discounted prices.   

How to get started:

Ready for the relief of real training results?

Un-Chase!® Private Dog Training

Does your dog chase cars, bikes, skateboarders, cats, chickens, livestock or other wildlife?

Chasing is a natural canine instinct and the desire to chase is inherent in many dogs. How can we stop our dog from chasing something they shouldn’t?

Un-Chase!® and the Un-Chase!® logo are owned by Alexis Davison trading as Un-Chase!® and are used under licence.

Meet your dog trainer, April Williams

I’m so glad you’re here!

If you’re on a page about private dog training, chances are you’re deeply frustrated or concerned. Perhaps your dog is doing something you desperately wish she’d stop, or maybe not doing something you really wish she would. Either way, I’d love to help. Whether you choose to have me teach you how to fix the problem, or prefer I do so for you, I’d love the chance to bring you relief and help you fully enjoy your dog.

Learn more about April and her professional dog training credentials.

A message from our mascot, Wallie

Please Don’t Be Sad

A poem by Wallie

Please don’t be sad,
your dog doesn’t mean to be bad.

Maybe you’d be more happy
if he weren’t so yappy.

Maybe you’d feel better
if he hadn’t ruined your favorite sweater.

Maybe Aunt Matilda wouldn’t be so upset
if he hadn’t chased away her favorite pet.

It’s okay, though, because here’s the good news
to wipe away your sad doggie blues:

There’s no need for shaming,
just call April for training!

Don't just take our word for it!