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Does your dog chase cars, bikes, skateboarders, household items, cats, chickens, livestock or other wildlife? Chasing is a natural canine instinct and the desire to chase is inherent in many dogs. Chasing is fun! Some breeds are more predisposed to chasing than other breeds. Chasing is highly reinforcing – this self-rewarding behaviour only serves to build your dog’s desire to chase even more. For us though, our dog’s chasing can be frustrating. It isn’t much fun for the animal being chased either. 

How can we stop our dog from chasing something they shouldn’t?

By choosing from our Puppy Un-Chase!®, Un-Chase!® Adult Workshops or Un-Chase!® Private Training programmes, you will learn how to teach your dog to be calm, learn self-control and choose alternative behaviours around their chase triggers.

Un-Chase!® and the Un-Chase!® logo are owned by Alexis Davison trading as Un-Chase!® and are used under licence.

Puppy Un-Chase!®

It is a lot easier to teach your puppy not to chase before it becomes a habit.

Puppy Un-Chase!® Is designed to prevent your puppy from becoming a chaser. Especially ideal for those herding or terrier breeds that like to chase or for any puppies that will share their lives with other dogs, other domestic animals, livestock or moving things on wheels.

“ Un-Chase!® really helps your dog to be calm in exciting situations ”

Class details:

Puppy Un-Chase!® is a three-week group class for fully vaccinated puppies between the ages of 3 and 9 months. In a fun and interactive way, the course focuses on calm responses around chase triggers, self-control and employing alternative behaviours to chasing.


Class is held at All About the Hound HQ in Masterton on Sundays.
Class is limited to 4 puppies.

Ready for a calm puppy that won’t chase? 

Un-Chase!® Adult Workshop

You CAN teach your adult dog not to chase!

Presented by a licensed Un-Chase!® instructor, this workshop teaches the basic principles of Un-Chase!® training in a way that is engaging and fun. This workshop practices real-life scenarios during which we have a great time while achieving great results.

Class details:

Un-Chase!® Adult workshop is a one-time 3-hour workshop. Limited to four dogs from nine months of age and older. Suitable for dogs that are comfortable around unfamiliar dogs or people. If you are not sure about how your dog will react around unfamiliar dogs and people, please contact us to discuss.


Class is held at All About the Hound HQ in Masterton on Sundays.
Class is limited to 4 dogs.

Ready for a calm dog in exciting situations?

Un-Chase!® Private Training

Offers real life solutions for dogs that chase!

If you have a dog not suitable for group class or you would prefer the guidance of a credentialed, licensed Un-Chase!® Instructor with a more individualised training plan specific to your dog’s particular chase history then we offer bespoke training packages to suit your needs. Private training has the added advantage of working in the exact situation or environment that your dog chases.

$165 Initial Consult / $120 per one-hour training session

$355 In-home training package (initial 90 minute session and 2 x 60 minute sessions)

$450 In-home training package (initial 90 minute session and 3 x 60 minute sessions) 

Ready for no more chasing?

Don't just take our word for it!